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Magic: the Gathering
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Дата выхода издания: 2 апреля 2001
Количество карт: 350 (20 земель, 110 обычных, 110 необычных и 110 редких)
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Преконстрактед колоды издания:


Armada Theme Deck

With 'Armada', a strong defense is a strong offense. Maintain order with this white deck filled with quick creatures, powerful healing, and some unique creatures with equally unique abilities. Or just destroy opponents by making your own Serra Angel.


Bomber Theme Deck

For heads-up play, take off with the blue Bomber deck. Launch aerial assaults. Rain havoc on your opponents. When faced with your damaging flying creatures, opponents will be running for cover.


Decay Theme Deck

Live dangerously with Decay, a deck that features the best qualities of black: death and disease. Hand destruction, creature destruction, and deadly spells make this one nasty deck.


Infestation Theme Deck

When it comes time for unbridled aggression, see red with Infestation. This Goblin-heavy deck has what it takes to beat down your opponent or remove creatures. It also features some gigantic, deadly creatures just chomping at the bit to close in for the kill.

Way Wild

Way Wild Theme Deck

In a world were everything is either prey or predator, only the strong survive. That's why the Way Wild deck has big creatures and lots of them. It also has ways of making your creatures even bigger, quicker, and easier to defend.

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