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Magic: the Gathering
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Дата выхода издания: 25 сентября 2000
Количество карт: 350 (20 земель, 110 обычных, 110 необычных и 110 редких)
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Преконстрактед колоды издания:

in_blowout Blowout Theme Deck. Overwhelm your opponent with explosive offense. This red-black deck brings the heat with raw aggression and hand disruption.
in_dismissal Dismissal Theme Deck. Bounce and discard your way to dominance with this blue-black deck. Seize control of the playing field, then fly on to victory.
in_heavyduty Heavy Duty Theme Deck. Smother all comers with this green-white fast-action deck. White provides backup to the monster green massive attack.
in_spectrum Spectrum Theme Deck. Command the whole color spectrum with this five-color deck. Green leads the fray, but opponents will have no idea what to expect.

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