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Magic: the Gathering
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Дата выхода издания: 26 января 2001
Количество карт: 143 (55 обычных, 44 необычных и 44 редких)
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Преконстрактед колоды издания:

ps_barrage Barrage Theme Deck. The 'Barrage' deck mercilessly assaults your opponent as you launch an early offensive that never lets up. Red removal spells clear the way for your rapid-fire creature attack.
ps_comeback Comeback Theme Deck. No sooner do you bounce creatures back to your hand than they make a dramatic return. With the 'Comeback' deck, your monsters quickly reenter the game to inflict more of the same pain, again and again and again...
ps_domain Domain Theme Deck. The 'Domain' deck lets you bring out all five basic land types in your first few turns, placing your rivals in dangerous territory. And the more lands you get into play, the nastier your spells become.
ps_scout Scout Theme Deck. Break through the tightest defenses with the 'Scout' deck. Six Battlemages are your secret (and reusable) weapons as they slip in first and then open the floodgates for much larger, much more lethal creatures.

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